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About Us

  • Maximizing the business value of IT

    ACQUAL is a provider of enterprise business enhancement solutions and consulting services. As IT operation gets more and more complex, Enterprises today are facing an ever increasing challenges in aligning with the business services of the Organization. Our expertise enables companies to identify, define, communicate and implement best practices and solutions to achieve the Optimal Set of Framework throughout their IT organizations. Thus empowers IT organizations to align themselves with the business goals of the larger organizations they serve. ACQUAL’s strategic relationships and alliances with market-leading companies further strengthen ACQUAL’s ability to harness leading-edge technologies to create valuable solution.

  • Let's help you in

    - Reducing the risk of not meeting business requirements for IT services

    - Reducing costs when developing procedures and practices within an organization

    - Better communication and information flows between IT staff and customers

    - Standards and guidance for IT staff

    - Greater productivity and better use of skills and experience

    - A quality approach to IT services

  • Let's Help you in

    - Reassurance that IT services are provided in accordance with documented procedures that can be audited  

    - The ability to depend upon IT services, enabling the customers to meet business objectives  

    - The identification of contact points for enquiries or discusiion about changing requirements  

    - The knowledge that information is produced to justify charges for IT services and to provide feedback from monitoring of service level agreements  

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  • Challenges faced by IT Departments

    - Managing ever increasing IT Asset

    - Reactive to problems/incidents

    - Difficult to detect and forecast problems

    - Difficult to identify root cause of problems quickly and accurately

    - Difficult to identify root cause of problems quickly and accurately

    - Lack of process and problem management mechanism

    - IT department expected to improve services but pressurize to cut manpower and cost

PT. Acqual Infosystem Mandiri

ACQUAL consultants have the experience and vertical market expertise to assist Enterprises/Organizations rapidly implement ITIL sets of Best Practices. We offer a range of professional services - from planning to developing complete technology strategies and providing product implementation assistance, to conducting specific technology and architecture assessments and software consulting that support the distribution of information throughout the enterprise. ACQUAL also provides extensive after sales services such as support/maintenance services and managed services to ensure customers peace of minds.


Our Services

Customer Success

We succeed when you succeed. Customer Success is a core value of ACQUAL culture that encompasses the entire organization and not just in the customer facing departments. We recognize that it takes more than great software to help our customers realize their vision. Therefore, as part of our overall commitment to customer success, ACQUAL has devoted itself to delivering the industry's most innovative training, delivery, support and partner ecosystem.



Even the best software cannot deliver maximum value if you don't know how to use it. ACQUAL has taken an innovative approach to training that combines online, self-paced training dojos with classroom based courses to ensure our customers maximize the return on their ACQUAL investments.

Solution Delivery Model

Born and tested in some of the most complex data centers in the world, ACQUAL solution delivery model provides a structured, repeatable approach to delivering enterprise solutions. It is our goal on every delivery to present you with your first live dashboard on day one, a feat no other enterprise solution can match.


While often overlooked, excellent support is critical to customer success. With this in mind, ACQUAL customers and partners are armed with Support Portal access, online forums, phone support and more to ensure the continued success of your deployment. With our tireless support team on your side, you don't have a thing to worry about..

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Our Products

"Turn On" the True Potential of your IT Services

Our Solutions are designed for the IT support and management departments of large and medium enterprises. Based on industry's Best Practices. These solutions consolidates multiple technical approaches - System Monitoring, Application Monitoring, Network Monitoring, Visualized Management, IT Asset Management, Workflow, ITIL- based Report, and the Portal, helping the consumer address some IT support and management challenges and improve the level and efficiency of IT service.

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FireScope Stratis

FireScope Stratis is only solution that takes advantage of the latest cloud-enabled technology to enable you to manage the performance, availability, capacity and business outcomes of even the most massive and distributed infrastructures. With FireScope Stratis, you gain predictive insight into how your technology is delivering on user experiences and business outcomes, helping you quickly identify service degradation issues and resolve them, before users are impacted.

- TRUE global enterprise management from the cloud.

- TRUE scalable management with 3 layers of elasticity enables on-demand scalability to match dynamic infrastructure growth.

- TRUE scalable management with 3 layers of elasticity enables on-demand scalability to match dynamic infrastructure growth.

ONLY solution that enables you to manage your private/hybrid cloud, as well as traditional infrastructures, all from a single dashboard.

TRUE business insight into the ripple effects across the business of performance and capacity.

ONLY cloud solution designed and built, not adapted, for the cloud.


Cherwell Express Software

Express Software Manager is a world-class IT asset management solution designed specifically for organizations seeking significant reductions in software audit risk, license spending, and IT overhead. By integrating all the data related to your organization’s hardware and software inventory, application usage, license entitlements, and IT purchases, Express Software Manager helps you seamlessly track and manage your IT investments from purchase to retirement—and finally abandon Excel spreadsheets.

- Stay compliant with license agreements.

- Eliminate spending on unused software.

- Discover and identify the software installed across your network.

- Identify what's newly installed—and potentially harmful—on your network.

- Manage hardware inventory.

- Discover all the hardware.

- Keep unauthorized applications off the network.

- Analyze machine characteristics such as processor type and speed, memory, disk space, network card address, manufacturer, serial number, and more.


- Load testing solution that gives exactly your system will behave in live environment

- Absolutely no scripting necessary

- Load Test any application, any environment.

- End to end testing from the end user perspective.

- Clear, meaningful reporting.

- 360° view of app performance.

- Affordable load and functional testing solution..


Our Partners

Acqual Partners

Here at ACQUAL’s, we are dedicated in providing our customers with products and solutions to maintain their competitive edge. ACQUAL's strategic relationships and alliances with market-leading companies further strengthen. ACQUAL’s ability to harness leading-edge technologies to create valuable solutions. All our partners have proven track records in reliability, service quality and operations capability, to ensure that our customers enjoy complete peace of mind.

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Contact Us

Contact Us

At ACQUAL, we look forward to any opportunity to prove just how much our solutions can benefit an organization. We also recognize that your time is valuable, therefore all requests will be responded to within a single business day.

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